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Mubassir Hasan

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About Me

I am a Developer, freelancer & coffee lover. Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am passionate about being busy with anything most likely coding, gaming, reading blogs, Reddit, or watching people diving sky etc.

Have of professional experience in developing web applications is based on ASP .NET. Also experienced with OOP-based service design, API integration, LINQ/SQL query, Unit Testing, and converting client requirements as Feature. For designing beautiful client-side UI I also have experience with CSS/CSS libraries like Bootstrap, Material Design and for client interaction Javascript, jQuery, Ajax. Also familiar with Vue/Nuxt JS.

Job Experience

Software Engineer
  • Engineered modern applications with C#, MVC5 , MVC Core, jQuery, MSSQL, NoSQL.
  • Built Hotel booking system with admin portal
  • Partially worked on Holiday booking system
  • Worked on a large scale ERP for a bookstore
  • Upgraded legacy project to latest .Net Core Version
  • Worked on various report generation with jQuery and .NET
  • Scraped Data and manipulated data on client requirements
  • Host and troubleshoot various applications
  • Liaised with Product Managers to identify minimum viable product requirements and clearly defined feature sets into well-scoped user stories and for individual team members
  • Trained one Jr. Developer
  • Database migration and for query efficiency wrote stored procedures
Software Developer
  • Created an Inventory Management System
  • Built a Complain Management for ISP Customer
  • Khamar Management (Complete Solution for Cattle Farm)